Monday, 06 July, 2020

Three Passengers Rescued From Floatplane Crash Near Davis Bay

Floatplane crush

On Tuesday, July 30, a floatplane crashed into the waters near Davis Bay. The plane carried three passengers, all males. All of them survived the impact and were picked up by rescue crews. They were subsequently taken to hospital for check-ups on account of minor injuries.

The vessel, Dehavilland Beaver, crashed approximately at 12:48 p.m. Its voyagers were on their way from Vancouver, heading to Pender Harbor, when its engine gave out, losing power. Consequently, its pilot had no choice but to conduct emergency water landing about three nautical miles away from Sechelt.

Constable Karen Whitby from Sunshine Coast RCMP reveals that a report of the incident reached their phone lines at 12:55 p.m., mere minutes after the crash. Ian Bolden, a Sunshine Coast denizen, was the person that called the agency to notify them of the mishap.

While paddling along David Bay, he noticed the plane circling low overhead, eventually dipping into the water and disappearing behind a massive splash. However, by the time he reported the incident, several rescue teams had already reached the crash site.

The Rescuing Tugboat

The crew of the nearby Leroy S Ledcor tugboat also took notice of the disastrous dive. They responded quickly, dropping their haul of gravel and heading straight to where the floatplane fell. Upon their arrival, they managed to extract the Beaver’s three passengers.

A Coast Guard hovercraft picked them up and carried them to shore, not far from where Bolden first observed the crash. BC Emergency Health Services paramedics were on standby to assess their conditions and concluded that they were essentially fine.

A little while later, Ledcor, which owns the rescuing tugboat, publically congratulated its crew for their bravery.

The floatplane suffered irreparable damage and consequently sank.

The Transportation Safety Board has conducted an interview with the surviving pilot. Their decision, at the moment, is not to carry out further investigations.