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Entertainment in Sechelt

Sechelt Crowd

Sechelt is a small village in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. But even though it is rather small, there are still plenty of things going on that you shouldn’t miss. Whether you are visiting or staying for a more extended period, you should know that entertainment is not something that Sechelt is lacking.

One of the most recognizable events in Sechelt District is the Festival of the Rolling Arts. It is a three-day event for classic vintage models of automobiles, as well as hot rod, and specialty vehicles. Sechelt with Festival of the Rolling ArtsThe first day of the event is Rod Run, where people can admire cars going through the village all the way to Halfmoon Bay. Besides, they will have a chance of meeting the members of the club and all the visitors. The next day is reserved for ‘Show ‘n’ Shine,’ which is an exhibition for all the car lovers out there. Finally, the plan for the third day are drag races, dancing, and dinner. This event takes place every year in August, and it attracts vehicle lovers from all over the country.

Besides, there are occasional events happening at Lighthouse Pub. The pub offers coverage of sports events as well as live performances from time to time. There is also a ballet school — Waldorf Ballet — that started working in 2016. Artistic director Johanna Waldorf gives lessons and passes her knowledge and passion for ballet.

Entertaiment in Lighthouse Pub

Furthermore, there are several locations in Sechelt with only one goal — entertainment. Each year, there is a Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts held in the Rockwood Centre where visitors can meet famous Canadian writers. The goal of the festival is to bring Canadian writers together, promote the Sunshine Coast and literacy. The part of the centre, Festival Pavilion, is a place where most of the event will take place. Rockwood Centre remains one of the most popular Sechelt destinations for artists that go on tour along the Sunshine Coast.

Finally, there are several other locations and events that are occasional; for example, there was a rare acoustic Steve Weave show where he performed songs that were made up on the spot, based on audience participation. There is also the Sunshine Coast Arts Council where different exhibitions and events take place.

Surprisingly, there are so many events, performances, and exhibitions happening in Sechelt, even though it is such a small village. It would be a good idea to check what kind of events are happening in the district on the days you plan to visit. This way, you will be able to plan accordingly. Of course, there are several annual events that you could plan in advance since they usually take place at the same time each year.

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