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District of Sechelt

Sechelt district

Sechelt is a district municipality located just 50 km from Vancouver. It is a part of the lower Sunshine Coast northwest of Greater Vancouver. The name of the district originated from the old Sechelt language or Sháshíshálh. The language is used by natives from British Columbia, but unfortunately, there are but a few people that use it today. Ten years ago, there were only 40 people using it, while today, there is only seven. 

The first Village of Sechelt was founded in 1956, and during the next thirty years, the district expanded and included several adjacent areas that were unincorporated. On the last census in 2006, the population of Sechelt was over eight thousand people.

Sechelt is a primarily a seaside community with over 35 kilometers of shoreline that’s located on the Pacific Ocean, and it is extending mostly along the Sunshine Coast. The village is located between Roberts Creek and Halfmoon Bay, which also serve as a border for the district. Canadian Highway 101 goes directly through the village.

Since 1986, the district has incorporated both West and East Porpoise Bay, Tuwanek, Sandy Hook, and Tillicum Bay. 

Natural Beauty

Similar to the rest of the Sunshine Coast, the district is filled with natural beauty, and it is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities. The entire Sunshine Coast is filled with lakes, parks, and trails, which makes it a perfect location for hiking and camping.

Sunshine Coast offers over 800 trails varying from wide and rather accessible paths to narrow paths that lead through the forest. 

One of the main inlets and most attractive locations of British Columbia is Sechelt Inlet. It is interesting because it almost creates an island of Sechelt Peninsula. Instead, there is an isthmus that connects the peninsula that is only 1.2 kilometers wide. The village of Sechelt is located on the isthmus, where the head of the inlet is. 

What to Do in Sechelt

One of the most popular activities in Sechelt involves kayaking, diving, both skiing and snowshoeing, backpacking and hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Thanks to the gorgeous landscapes and untouched nature, this has been an attractive destination for lovers of outdoor activities. 

Parks and Nature

Sechelt nature

There are several national parks surrounding Sechelt District. Furthermore, there are many other parks in nearby municipalities along the coast of British Columbia. Not only do these parks offer a perfect spot for a picnic, hiking, or even cycling, it is also an incredible location for enjoying the beauties of the coast. 

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park is one of the most popular travel destinations. While it is an excellent location for having fun, families are the main visitors to the park. It is located near the Strait of Georgia, and is only separated by the isthmus at Sechelt. The main characteristics of the park are the second-growth forest, along with beautiful sandy beaches and grassy areas. The campground is available for visitors from April to October, while walking is allowed as long as weather conditions are not extreme.

Other locations you might want to visit are the Sechelt Heritage Forest and the Hidden Groves. Both sites are rather easy to reach since they are ten minutes away from Sechelt. Not only do they offer an incredible view to the inlet and Vancouver island, but they are perfect hiking location as well. The forest is filled with ancient trees, maple wetland, and even rocky promontories that will leave anyone speechless. The local residents managed to protect the forest and save the treasures of nature. Finally, it is a perfect spot to let your pet off the leash, since doing it in the campsite is not allowed.


You have an option to choose from one of the various tours. This will allow you to visit several different destinations that you would’ve probably missed if you traveled alone. Furthermore, most of these tours will allow you to visit beauties of British Columbia either by plane or by ferry.

Whichever option you pick, you will probably get a tourist guide, and you’ll undoubtedly have a great view. Unfortunately, the entire trip won’t allow you to stay in Sechelt for a long time. 

Since there are so many wonderful things to be seen in this municipality, it might be a good idea to plan your traveling on your own. You can always ask locals for the places that are worth visiting. 

Coastal Circle Route

The Coastal Circle Route will allow you to visit Vancouver Island and travel along the Sunshine Coast. This tour is almost 300 miles long — 444 kilometers to be precise — and will allow you to visit different locations; from Lund to Gibsons, to Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. You will have a chance of visiting the Salish Sea and travel using four ferries. Furthermore, the trip will give you a unique opportunity to embrace the culture and aboriginal history of people who had been there for over a millennium. 

Sport and Activities

The entire District of Sechelt is perfect for outdoor activities and more extreme sports. While we already mentioned hiking, the second most popular activity is mountain biking. There are so many locations and trails that look like they are made for this sport. Of course, if you are a fan of kayaking, Sechelt Inlet is an incredible location for that. Furthermore, both backpacking and camping are rather popular. Naturally, during the winter, you will have an opportunity to go skiing and even snowshoeing. Finally, there is a public golf course available, as well as several small marinas around the inlet. 

But that is not all; there is an annual show for all the car lovers out there. People from all over the country come to visit the two shows happening every year in August. The first one is Sleepy Hollow Rod Run, where people have a chance of meeting the members of the club and enjoy over 400 classic cars that will go from Sechelt to Halfmoon Bay. And of course, there is a drag race at the Sechelt airport along with the exhibition ‘Show and Shine.’ During the presentation, visitors will have a chance of seeing oldtimers and different models of cars and see who will win this year’s prizes.

Visiting Sechelt

When it comes to visiting the district, there are so many choices, and you will undoubtedly find a hotel that is perfect for your needs. Since there are so many things that you can do and see in the district, it might be a good idea to plan a few days beforehand so that you could enjoy the experience to the fullest.