Saturday, 15 August, 2020

District of Sechelt Decided to Wait on Province

Plastic on the Beach

The Sunshine Coast Regional District and its directors have decided to wait until the province makes all the rules regarding single-use plastic bags and other disposable packaging.

Since SCRD cannot issue a ban legally, they decided to try and promote a campaign that will reduce the use of plastics in the entire Sunshine Coast.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch or, more popularly, Pacific Trash Vortex, is basically a gyre of trash as well as marine debris that is located in the north part of the Pacific Ocean. Initially, the trash came from the Pacific Rim. While most people believe it is actually an island made entirely out of garbage, the density is too low to be picked up by a satellite.

During the past few years, scientists have measured and calculated the effects on both marine and human lives. There are already several countries that took measures to reduce the use of plastics and to prevent the garbage from eventually ending up in the ocean.

The government of Trudeau announced in the middle of July that their goal is to end single-use plastics by the end of 2021 completely.

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