Monday, 06 July, 2020

Canada Day Parade in Sechelt

Sechelt Canada Day Parade

This Monday was a time for another annual parade. Thousands of people gathered in Sechelt downtown to enjoy this year’s parade, which boasted with 54 floats that ensured that it is the biggest one to date. 

Theressa Logan, executive director of Sechelt Downtown Business Association, said that it was another successful event and the biggest celebration of Canada Day in the entire Sunshine Coast. 

One of the main reasons for the size of this year’s parade is that Gibson won’t have its own parade, because the Sea Cavalcade festival was cancelled. Logan said that they reached several groups that were prepared for the Sea Cavalcade, but missed it due to cancellation.

Cars, bikes, floats, and even boats and canoe on wheels, found their way through the village. The parade started on the Cowrie Street, and proceed on Inlet Avenue before reaching the Dolphin Street and arriving at Hackett Park. Here you could see several bands, booths, and even a dunk tank that were amusing the crowd throughout the day.

Furthermore, the Firefighter Games returned, people from the crowd could ride ponies, and there was a music performance as well. Four of the local groups performed among which were Brothers in Farms, Whiskey Business, Keely Halward, and FIR. 

The sponsor for the live performances was the Sunshine Coast Credit Union, while Lions and Rotary clubs were in charge of collecting donations for charity. Furthermore, the Salish Soils organization was also on-site to raise awareness and promote its recycling program.

Logan admitted that the main challenge was the lack of volunteers and that her goal is to sign up at least a hundred of them for the next year’s parade. 

The parade began on the corner of Ocean and Cowrie street at 10:30 a.m., and the rest of the day until 4 p.m. was reserved for live music. The celebration of the most important day in Canada took place on the entire Sunshine Coast. 

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