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Burnett Falls Park Near Sechelt

Burnett Falls Park near Sechelt Enter Sign

District of Sechelt is filled with natural wonders and parks. Even though it is a rather small village, Sechelt is perfect for so many outdoor activities. It was founded in 1862, and it was incorporated into a village in 1956. Over time, the village only grew to encompass other nearby places and locations, until eventually, it became a district in and of itself.

Located on the southern part of the Sunshine Coast, the small village of Sechelt remains one of the most popular destinations. Surprisingly, there are so many activities, festivals, and exhibitions in it, even though it is such a small place. Burnett Falls Park Waterfall

While there are annual car exhibitions and a festival of written arts, outdoor activities remain the most exciting attraction. You could go kayaking, skiing, diving, snowshoeing, and many more. However, many visitors decide to explore the beauty of British Columbia. The main reason why hiking and backpacking are so popular is that they are perfect for all ages. You wouldn’t expect to see a group of seniors skydiving or doing any extreme sport now, would you?

One of the most attractive locations in Sechelt District is Burnett Falls Park. Burnett Falls is just one of the many parks surrounding Sechelt. Furthermore, there are many more in neighboring districts.

Since hiking and mountain biking are extremely popular in the district, there are so many trails available. They also vary from wide approachable ones to small narrow paths through the wilderness.

Burnett Falls Park is one of the more approachable parks, which is just a short hike away from the Burnett road. Although many would disagree at first because of the ‘hike’ word, since it is a short uphill path, you could still walk this path in its entirety in about 15 minutes. Even though it is rather a short road all the way to the park, it is still something that you shouldn’t miss.

The park is located near the Porpoise Bay, near the Sechelt Inlet. It is a rather short uphill walk, with 30 meters elevation gain. But what is so special about this fall is the view. After reaching the end of the trail, the visitors will have an incredible view of the entire waterfall across the canyon. The waterfall is accessible throughout the entire year, and the best time to visit it would be in winter or spring when there is more runoff flowing down the Burnett Creek.

But it is not only the waterfall that is worth visiting. The whole path through the forest is impressive, even though it is short. When you start hiking along the path, you will see a few picnic tables, and further into the woods, you’ll have an opportunity to take a break at a wooden bench where you can enjoy the view of the canyon below. Finally, when you arrive at the waterfall, you can take another break at the bench in front of the falls. After that, you will simply turn around and go back the same way you came. You will continue to pass the wooden benches, picnic tables, and in the end, you will end up at the metal gate where you started your hike. Burnett Falls Park near Sechelt

While the waterfall is rather close to the main road, it is still in the forest, so it might be hard to find this hidden gem if you don’t know where to look.

Official opening of the park was in 2013, and it spreads over 1.3 hectares. There are no facilities, but there are two benches, picnic tables, and even a doggy bag dispenser.

If you are looking for a short break and a hike, Burnett Falls will leave you speechless. While they are not really Niagara Falls, the Burnett Falls is still a beautiful location with a spectacular view. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and untouched beauty of British Columbia.

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